Best Tips For Choosing Exterior Paints

Choosing the paint for the exterior is very much similar to what you would choose for your interior. Generally the available colours are the same and the price is no different either. Using exterior paint is as simple as applying the interior paint but the finish generally lasts longer. However, before you choose your exterior paint, you should consider a few factors.

Any professional Window Replacement London will tell you one thing, if you are going to paint the exterior by yourself, use the latex based paint. Latex based paints are far easier to apply than their oil based counterparts. Although latex paints are water based but the outdoor paint is generally tough enough to withstand the natural elements. Although oil based paints are more difficult to apply, they give a much better finish. The colours are much deeper and are often more vibrant which gives the external a premium finish. If you think applying oil based paints is difficult for you, there are lots of professional decorators and painters who can come to your rescue. Else, you can always revert back to the latex paints.

Let us share some valuable points which can help you to decide the type of paint to use on your exterior.

If you plan to use the paint on wood then choose oil based paint. Oil based paints stick very well to wood but latex based paints have the tendency to peel away quickly which leaves the exterior in a bad shape.

Exterior paints provide protection for your home. Using low quality paint to save money is a bad idea here. Good quality paints last longer and also protect the house from natural elements. Their longevity pays for the extra money you need to pay for them.

Do not use matt finish paints for doors, windows and railings etc. Matt finish paints gather dirt, grease and grime from daily use and these are very difficult to remove. So, a rule of thumb is, if you are going to touch it, use gloss paints on it.

Request for a sample from the local paint shop or from the decorator you are going to use. They are the best people to give you valuable advice on the type of paints to use. If you re not completely certain of a paint, ask for a small sample pot and apply it on a small area to get a complete idea. The satin and semi-gloss types of paint give the best finish.