How to Choose Shower Floor

While you work on shower designs, flooring of this wet area plays a major role. It needs to be chosen very carefully. This must be non-slippery and also, go well with the rest of the decor. Shower spaces might have a lesser area for this purpose, but covering the same with a good looking flooring option is much essential. Of course, the same must also be suitable for this high moisture area, and offer a slip-resistant flooring. So, what all can be used to grace the wet flooring? Read the following sections that mention the best picks for this wet area.

Versatile Vinyl Floors

If you are searching for good looking floor options that will also fit in a smaller budget, vinyl is the material to opt for. Vinyl tiles offer you a range of alternatives in terms of colors, designs, finishes, and sizes, which are best suitable for wet areas. These are available in styles and finishes that resemble some of the most expensive tiles. Moreover, vinyl offers you a great option of sticking tiles on existing ceramic floors. Well, this saves the entire task of tile removal. With the latest “stick and peel” vinyl tiles, renovation is no longer a tough job, requiring high precision.

Tiling on Concrete

While installing floor on concrete base, tiling cannot be missed out. From simple ceramics with matte finish to the expensive natural stone tiles, you can choose the one that fits your budget. What’s more, you can go for a mix of tiles and also, play up the effect by using same tiles for shower walls. Choose soft colors for a calming effect, and use dark or bright shades for creating a lively space. Slate and granite are amongst the popular picks in premium range. You can create a plush effect by using a mix of tiles such as ceramics, marble, mosaic, and glass. The small square marble tiles and glass tiles are sure to give a grand look to your shower space.

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Vinyl Shower Floor

Pebbles in Concrete

Now, this one is sure to be liked by you. If you have ever seen those outdoor shower spaces graced with pebbles, then it is quite certain that you won’t think twice before opting for this. Pebble inlays have always created great looking surfaces, which is the reason of their popularity in landscape designing projects, as well. So, why not get your floors revamped with beautiful pebble inlays? Well, you can also consider opting for pebble tiles, which offer you a lot of color and finish options. You can also use the same for walls or cover walls with aqua-blue glass tiles, and create a nautical effect with soothing colors.

Shower Pans

A readymade shower pan that can be ordered from a local sanitary ware stores or hardware shop can be the ultimate and quick solution for covering your shower base. These units are sold in various ranges and colors, as well. You can also order these online after specifying the exact dimensions of your shower enclosure. Pans of asymmetrical shapes are also easily available in the market, which can be ordered to rightly fit in the available floor area.

From various options mentioned above for creating a beautiful base, which one will you choose? Well, you should decide according to your budget. The choice will also vary depending on the available space. For a walk in shower, it is best to continue the flooring that is used for the rest of the bathroom. For stalls and enclosures, you can choose to add a completely different one.