Tips to Roofing From Seattle General Contractors

Most people ignore their roofing until a leak appears, but you can avoid leaks and other problems that could turn serious with occasional roof inspections from Seattle general contractors. This article by Seattle general contractors provides a roofing guide for homeowners.

Buying A New Home

If you’re looking to buy a new home, a roof inspection is extremely important. Not only will this clue you in to any prior problems and inadequate work, but will also let you know how much life you have left in your roof before it will need replacing. Knowing you’ll immediately have to replace your roof might keep you from making a financial mistake. Plus, if the roof has problems or needs replacing, you can use this as a bargaining chip when negotiating the price of the home.

Get Regular Inspections

Unfortunately, many homeowners think they only need a roof inspection when they’re buying a new home, or when they’re selling their home. Not getting regular inspections can cause costly problems down the road as years go by and these problems worsen. Don’t wait until your roof springs a leak to think about getting it looked at. Consider getting regular roof inspections to prevent problems before they begin.

When To Get A Roof Inspection

There are several different scenarios where you might want to schedule a roof inspection above your regular inspection. For example, you might want to have your roof inspected after a big storm with heavy rain, plummeting hail, strong winds, and tornado or hurricane weather conditions.

If you live in a cold weather area like Seattle, you might want to have an expert come inspect your roof before and after winter. By scheduling an inspection before cold, freezing, snow, and ice conditions occur, you know your roof can withstand the heavy weight if snow and ice. Winter is the worst time to have to deal with roofing repairs or roofing replacement. Not only will this expose the interior of your house to harsh conditions while the work is completed, but it will likely cost a lot more than if completed in the spring, summer, or fall.

Having an after-winter inspection is also a good idea to ensure the weight of the snow and ice didn’t cause problems to your shingles, and that the moisture didn’t seep underneath to ruin the underside of the shingles or your roof sheeting. An after-winter inspection will also reveal any new holes, leaks, or cracks you definitely want repaired before Spring rainstorms hit.

One of the best reasons to get your roof inspected regularly is the fact that repairing your roof is much less expensive than replacing your roof. In addition, your home is a valuable investment you want to protect by catching small problems before they turn into major issues.

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to experience roofing problems like water gushing into your home in the middle of the night, you know exactly why roofing inspections are so important. Don’t risk your home, call Seattle general contractors for a roof inspection today.